Stage 1 

We meet with you to fully understanding your needs and wants - choosing colours, pictures, styles & wording
We charge 50% up front costs based on what you are looking to do - Full interactive site with an E-Commerce Shop if required with unlimited pages - your choice your site - Costs vary depending on your needs

We use WIX as we are able to get great discounts for you

Prices start at £450 for a basic site ( 6 pages) - this includes SEO, Analytics with Digital Social integration (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter Instagram....) 

The interaction here will be very close and this will take around 2 – 4 weeks maybe less if we meet more than once a week 

Stage 2 
After our interactive meetings, the site comes to life, this is a very exciting time

Once you are happy with the semi final result then the next stage will take affect
(remember there will always be additions and updates to your site), so that's why we say semi final, we will visit this over the course of your website life


Now we choose a site name 

Here the costs will be for hosting your site, these are not our costs - this will be discussed in full - all costs are transparent 

Stage 3 
This is the social area - pages set up for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, whatever you need to get your products / services out to market, which may also include an online shop


If you have an online shop - pictures will need to be taken and agreed on before we move to stage 4
We are not responsible for content - here we will show you how to post and add pictures, the posting is for you to do after all, this is your area of expertise, of course we will support you here if required

Stage 4 
Before we publish your site - everything will need to be checked and agreed on - usually this takes a few hours depending on the size of your site, as we have had an interactive relationship, your site changes and agreements have happened along the way, so mostly a site check before going live will take less time


All meta tags, picture titles, wording for each picture needs to be added, content wording for each e-commerce product needs to be added all will be checked and once all has been completed - we go live

We publish your website to the world

This is exciting as we are able to manage your site's interaction with the outside world through Analytics and SEO code we have embedded onto each and every page

Here we will take the final payment - the remaining 50% balance

1 months after we go live - we will charge a small support fee depending on your site requirements - this is because of changes to your online shop, picture changes or colour scheme / words needed ..., remember your site is constantly evolving and changes will need to be made at some point

SEO - search engine optimisation - this supports your company's presence and will enable it to be seen over the next few months / years, pushing it close to the top of most Search engines - but SEO ranking will take time

This supports key words, phrases and interaction with the world - how you are searched, ensure you are fully searchable, tagged right and that your site is fully optimised for growth and ultimately Digitised to the online world

Analytics - What pages, keywords are liked by your audience, why are some pages performing better than others, why some items of sale are not selling and some sell better
All these stats enable us to make decisions based on this information we call Analytics 


Think this is too much for you, we will be with you every step of the way, supporting you and the journey of your business​

Let’s make this journey together