Website Analytics is something you may hear about from time to time 
So what is it exactly?
Pure and simply it is used to understand data and with this information can tailor your site to become better
Companies have been using Analytics for a long time
Bank's use it to understand your personal preferences, ( such as where you shop, how often, what you buy, insurance - financial data)
Marketing organisations use Analytics to understand how their campaigns have performed
So in a nut shell, Analytics looks at Data, understands it and then communicates this all through Mathematics, Statistics and complex Computer science - it offers something tangible to enable you to make decisions based on this information
How can we use Analytics when marketing a website

In any business model, we all follow similar patterns based on your SWOT ANALYSIS, (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)
Before you even sell a product you must understand your target market
We take all the information acquired and translate this back into the business, this enables your business (s) stream (s) to make calculated decisions and in turn targets the right audience (s)